Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 7, 2010

It was a rainy morning!  Linda made a good choice to get in the HOV lane.  Houston traffic was a mess!  We were able to avoid the traffic, however, we got a little lost.  But we still made it to the appointment on time.  

We walked into the MDA building, got to the 2nd floor (main floor of the building) and were walking by the information desk and one of the ladies that works at the desk said "good morning" as we were walking by and then "oh you are back today, nice to see you" .  Thousands of people must walk by her every day and she remembered me.  It was a good feeling -- MD Anderson is a BIG place.

We waited a while to be seen for my mammogram.  Josely, was the tech's name that did my mammogram.  What an incredibly sweet lady!!  She told me she would also pray for me.  Another sister in Christ!!!  Linda got to talk to some incredibly strong women while she was waiting for me.  One of the ladies told her that she had stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer -- she said that if she could do this I could do this.  She also told Linda she would pray for me.

On to the ultrasound -- Flavia was the tech's name.  Another caring person.  During the ultrasound the radiologist came in.  Dr. Yang introduced herself and told me she would be back after Flavia was done.  Flavia told me Dr. Yang was very nice and that she is the Director of that department.  It had been indicated that I would possibly need to have a fine needle biopsy so a nurse came in to take my vitals.  The nurse had just put the blood pressure cuff on my arm and there was a flash of light.  I thought that MDA must have some high tech ultrasound machine that uses a flash.  Wrong - fire alarm!!!  Turns out it was a firedrill.  Needless to say my blood pressure was a little high!!

After a while another tech came in to take a look at me.  Then Dr. Yang came in.  Dr. Yang took a look -- and it was decided that I will be having the fine need biopsy.  Preparations were being made.  I was left alone in the room for a little bit (Linda couldn't come in with me until after the procedure).   

During my "alone" time I cried.   I looked at the computer screen it was 10:34.  Tears started streaming down my face.  I felt alone.  I was thinking about how I could be 13000 miles away from all our family and friends (in Perth where we were supposed to move on December 28th).  I knew I wasn't alone though -- I have Jesus and an army of prayer warriors.  But then I got mad -- it was the devil trying to get to me.  I remembered  a devotion I had read a few nights ago about a girl who was laying in a room during an ultrasound and she felt alone and she also remembered she wasn't alone.  God was always with her.  He covered her like a warm blanket.  I too had a warm blanket on me today.  Not just a heated blanket that the nurse had put on me but THE WARM BLANKET!!  A song I that I have sang to Jakob since I was pregnant with him popped into my head...the last line of the song is, "He shall fold me to His breast, there within His arms to rest" (just like a warm blanket).

Dr. Yang performed the fine need biopsy.  The numbing is the worst part -- I cringed a little but Flavia let me squeeze her hand while she held my hand.  Linda came into the room then.  She asked, "so how was it".  I said, "it was okay, but I'll tell you I had a crying session.  I looked at the computer it was 10:34 and I cried till 10:39".  Linda said, "I cried at 10:34 too.  I texted Scott (her son, my friend) and said, 'how can she be so strong and I'm the one crying?'"  I wasn't even crying alone.

Dr. Yang came back in.   The preliminary cytology (under a microscope) were "worrisome".  It will be another 24-48 hours for a complete "dissection" of the tissue.  The initial report was going to be available for Dr. Green within a few hours.   

Another appointment has been added to my Monday MDA schedule -- with a Radiation Oncologist.

I wasn't alone today -- God showed me many ways that I'm never alone.  I met a lady at lunch today (Fran), that had never met me but she told me that my name has been on her prayer group's list and that they have been praying for me.  

Please continue to pray for all the medical staff that I encounter.  Pray specifically for the names that I have mentioned.  They have helped me in some way and I would like to have them lifted up.  Pray for this lymph node situation.  Praise God also that there were no other tumors found in my left breast and none in my right breast.  

I also am thankful for all the positive role models that are in my children's lives.  I spoke with their golf instructor today -- who also offered his help and prayers.  Prayers of thanksgiving for all my helpers (in all aspects of the term).  

Thank you for your help, prayers, concerns, messages, thoughts, guestbook entries, care, EVERYTHING!!

Love & God's Blessings,


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