Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 23, 2010

One down and only 15 more to go!  I had my first chemotherapy treatment today.  I feel well!  

Getting the IV in today was a little hard.  Took 4 tries.  First try was by the bed unit nurse, Shiji.  She told me I could go to infusion therapy first next time or they would send someone down.  I asked if I could go now. Jim, Linda & I headed up to the 8th floor, well Linda & I did.  Jim went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions.  It's hard for him to watch me get stuck so many times.

While waiting for the nurse in infusion therapy unit, Linda & I met 2 very nice ladies, Alva and Carol.  They were best friends.  Carol was there to be Alva's chemo buddy. What friendly ladies they were!!

Next was my turn to go back to get my IV.  Richard tried 2 times, he felt really bad that he wasn't successful in getting the IV in.  He told me I have 24 gauge veins and they are trying to stick me with a 22 gauge needle.  He asked Karen to give it a try.  Karen was so good -- she talked to my vein and me while sticking me.  She got it!!  Back down to the 2nd floor.  

I had taken the trial drug before the IV was put in. I also took a pain pill & nausea pill for a headache and to relax me.  Jim & Linda said I was fidgety. It really relaxed me. The IV drip started at about 9 am. First the steroid and then at 9:35 the Taxol (chemo drug) started dripping.  I was finished at 11. Linda & Jim said I was fidgety. I was so relaxed during my treatment.  

My blood pressure was great and my heart rate was at 65 bpm at the beginning of my appointment and then 67 bpm at the end.  I really felt so calm.  

The prayers that you all are lifting up for me are giving me such calmness.  I appreciate each and every one of your messages, thoughts, texts, cards & prayers.

Praise God that today was a good day!  I am so blessed to have so many family and friends that love me.  

Love & Blessings From the Top of My Heart,

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