Friday, December 7, 2012

3rd Survivorversary!!!!


I came across my journal yesterday.  It was tucked away in a drawer and I happen to be searching for something else.

Here is the entry in my journal from December 7, 2009 - the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Dear Lord,
Thank you for your AWESOME love!  I ask You today to protect my family through this cancer journey.  Surround my husband, children, Papa, Mom, and the rest of our family with Your presence.  LORD, please also be with my sweet friends You have blessed me with.  Please take this cancer from me.  LORD, you are The Great Physician, please heal me - let me shine Your light.  Today was a scary day but as long as You are by my side I'll be okay.  Thank You for having Linda be with me.  Also for the comforting words from Tracie and Joyce.  For Pastor Woody - for the friendship he gives Jim.  Also thank You for the prayer warrior friends of Tracie's - Robin, Sharon and Phyllis.  You are so good and I know You are with me.  I love You!  Stay by my side.  Thank You for Your death and Grace.  In Your Name I pray.  AMEN"

WOW!  I was and am so blessed.  I truly am!!! 

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers.  I am thankful that I can continue to live in Him! 

I am doing very well, completely healed :).
Today - on my 3rd Survivorversary

Merry Christmas - enjoy your friends and family throughout the holidays and more!!!

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I want to suck your blood...

Last Tuesday I went to see Dr. Skoracki and you know what?  He sucked my blood.  Okay the technical term is actually "aspirating" my blood but I've always wanted to say (sounding like Dracula), "I vant to suck your blood".

The Saturday before the aspiration I woke up in the morning in pain.  The hematoma had gotten so big.  I rested that day and the next.  Rested meaning I didn't get off the couch.  

Dr. Skoracki had me come in.  Of course by Tuesday the hematoma had gone down in size.  So therefore, he decided to drain the blood with a syringe.  Bye-bye lumpity-lump.  

The blood was sent to the lab for testing -- and thank God it truly was only blood and not some sort of infection!!!  Can I get an AMEN?!?!??!!!!

Well, I'm telling you my talent is growing boobs in other places as I have another "boob-like" mass on my back.

Next  Thankfully my manager at my little job is the ultimate advocate about work/life balance -- health and family come first is what she says.

My back will be re-excised Friday.  I guess I have a leaky blood vessel, it will be cauterized and will stop leaking.

This surgery will be a quick one and I'll come home the same day.  

If you don't mind saying a little prayer that all goes smoothly, I'd appreciate it.

Love and Blessings From the Top of My Heart,


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Happy New Year!...

1/1/2012 Texas Half Marathon
Happy New Year to y'all!  Jim and I started the new year off with a 13.1 mile walk, it took us 3 hours and 15 minutes.  We came in about 9 minutes faster than last year.  It's such a nice way for us to start the New Year.  Reminds me that we are HEALTHY!!!

We had a very nice and relaxing Christmas Break.  We spent lots of time with our family and friends!!!

Hope you all have had a great start to 2012 as well and that Christmas was a Joyful time - a time to remember and celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

Okay here's the latest on the hematoma...I still have it.  The "lumpity-lump" is not as big as it was the day I had the drain put in - December 13th.

Late the night before Christmas Eve I walked out of our bathroom and got the drain tube caught on the doorknob.  Out came the tube and one of the stitches.  Jim was already asleep - he jumped out of bed because the sound of the suction coming out of the tube was so loud.  He made sure I was okay and did also say "great this would happen late on a Friday night - the night before Christmas Eve".  :)

I called MDA the next morning and received a call back from the Plastic Surgeon on call - she told me to keep pressure on it and see my Dr. on Tuesday.  Before I received a call back from her I also emailed Dr. Skoracki (from some urging of a few friends and Mom) and he said it should be fine and just watch it.  Everything was fine all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Then while I was getting ready for work on the 26th - the site where the drain was would not stop bleeding.

I did go to see Gordon, Dr. Skoracki's awesome PA.  He and another Plastic Surgeon looked at the bleeding and told me to rest and keep pressure on the hematoma.  They could tell it was old blood because of the color of the blood - it looked like motor oil.  It took a whole week (and no working - resting again) for the bleeding to stop.  Thankfully my manager is incredibly caring and understanding and told me to also rest and not worry about work.

On my MDA schedule, I noticed that I had an appointment with Dr. Skoracki on the 19th.  I figured I'd wait till then to have the hematoma looked at again.  It was going to do one of two things...get bigger or go away.

Well last Wednesday Gordon called to see how I was doing and asked if the hematoma was gone.  I told him I still had it and it was about the size it was originally (golf ball size).  He asked why I hadn't called and I told him that I figured I'd just wait till my appointment on the 19th.  Of course he asked if I was in any pain and then remembered that I had a high pain tolerance.

So then he told me that if I still had the hematoma at the appointment that they will  do some exploratory surgery in the clinic.  He said that I would need Jim to drive me home.  I told Gordon that my appointment was at 9 am.  Gordon suggested I  have anything to eat or drink that morning before the appointment in case they have to take me into the operating room around noon.  I asked him if I should see a hematologist - he said that we should see what's going on first.  Gordon thinks maybe I was oozing from somewhere.

Wow!  Another little bump on this journey...not a big one - thank God!!  So now I find myself being thankful that I feel fine and this is not a big deal.  Thankful that Jim is able to be with me through everything.  Thankful that my family is healthy!  Thankful that I have a job where my employer is so understanding.  Thankful that I have such an amazing medical team - the best!!!  Thankful that God allows these "bumps" so that I can refocus and talk to Him.

I also am thankful for you and your prayers!!!  Please let me know how I can pray for you also - it's the least I can do for all y'all have done for me!!!

I'll let you know what happens...

Love and Blessings from the Top of my Heart,