Sunday, February 7, 2010

From Friday to Sunday

Howdy!  Well I told you that my surgery went well.  I now have a power port.  That means no more poking for IV's.  

I've been tired this weekend.  But we had an amazing weekend.  My friends, Lisa and Chrissy came with their daughters to visit us.  Lisa and Chrissy got to meet some of my good friends here in Kingwood.  It is so great to be loved by so many!!  

Let me go back to Friday.  Jim & I got to MDA at 10 am.  Right on time for check-in.  On my way to the hospital I realized I forgot my blankie, my sweet friend Danielle brought it up to me.  Jim was given a pager, he would be notified when I was out of surgery.  We didn't wait long before we went back to the pre-op area.  I changed into my lovely hospital gown.  Once again I was given a great nurse, Veronica.  Another nurse came in to do my IV, his name was Steve.  He got the IV in after 2 tries (better than 4).  The amazing Dr. Brown came in to meet with Jim and I and asked if we had any questions for him.  What an incredibly laid back, nice man.  I knew I was in good hands.  He marked where the port would go and said he'd see me in surgery.  Then I met Dr. Kowolski, the Anesthesiologist and her nurse Karen.  Time for me to give Jim a kiss and see him later.  

The medicine was given to me and about 2 hours later I was waking up in post-op, and saw my handsome husband.   No complications, The Great Physician took care of me as did all the staff at MDA.  Do you know how blessed I feel to be in such good hands everytime I go up to MDA?  

Yvette was my post-op nurse.  She was so good.  She kept me out of pain.  Thanks Yvette!!  You rock!! 

At about 4 pm we headed on upstairs to chemotherapy.  Anthony was the man that rolled me upstairs in my wheelchair.  I tell you I feel like a princess.  The way everyone takes care of me.  The royal treatment!

At 4:30 I put my chemo hat and blankie on and started treatment.  This chemo treatment wasn't as relaxing as the other 2 had been.  I had this lady in the curtain beside me who was so loud talking to her friend and then when her friend left she talked even louder to her loud TV.  

My friend Deana was across the hall from me getting her treatment.  When she was done she came over to see me and introduce me to her husband Shawn.  It's so neat to have all these new special people brought into my life.  Hopefully Deana and I will get to be chemo buddies.  Her treatment is a little different than mine.  Right now she is going every 3 weeks and I'm going every week but then we'll be switching.  Please continue to pray for Deana and her family.  

After chemo, we picked Jakob up from his friend's house.  Joey and Kelli were spending the night at their friends' homes.  We got home and went to bed.  It was a long, successful day.

Yesterday we were given a bed and a mattress and boxspring for our guestroom.  Thank you!!!!

My hair started falling out yesterday, just a little.  I'm not scared.  I know that God knows the number of hairs on my head, one day they will be back.  

I thank you so much for lifting your hands in prayer for me.  Life is good, it's great!  Thank you!! 

The meals that we are receiving have been absolutely delicious.  Thank you for your cards, messages, phone calls, voicemails, cookies, texts, emails....

I am an abudantly blessed woman!

I love you!

Love & Blessings from the top of my heart,


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