Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hats & Numero Cinco!!

Howdy Army!

Thank you once again for all your heartfelt messages whether it be through the Caringbridge guestbook, blog guestbook, comments, emails, texts, facebook, voicemails, all of them are so greatly appreciated!!!  I have been blessed by such a strong army.  Your prayers are overflowing and for that I thank you too!!

My hat party was so much fun!  The company was great and the food was wonderful!  I got so many cute hats and scarves, I'll be having fun wearing everything.  My room is filled with giftbags of hats and scarves.  Thank you!!

I like how one of my friends gave today's chemo number 5 the term "Numero Cinco" and another friend called it "Mambo Number 5".  Either one of those is a fun name and I'm happy to say that we have completed "Mambo Number 5".

Linda and I headed out to MDA this morning and got there about 8:30 and went straight to the lab for my bloodsucking.  Lina drew my blood once again.  She's so good.  Linda and I also met a very sweet couple Carolann and her husband -- they too are on a journey with breast cancer -- they have 4 young children, please pray for that family.  Today was Carolann's last chemo -- she was glowing with excitement!

I chose to be bold and wear a hat today and not one of my wigs.  I figured my wig would get all matted while I was laying down getting my chemo.  While I met with my nurse Debbie I took off my hat to show her my shaven head -- I never put my hat back on.  I felt good!  I had nothing to hide behind and it was okay.

I got all settled in my room and the needle was put in my port by my nurse Liselle -- she was awesome I didn't even feel the needle go in.  Praise God for that!!  Once I was settled, Linda and Jim went and grabbed some lunch at the cafeteria.  I get lunch served to me in my room.  All my blood counts & numbers look great (the liver function test will be rerun in 2 weeks).

I had a great day today -- the day seemed to go quickly we got home earlier than normal so I was able to take a nice nap.

The kids are still getting used to my shaven head -- we talk about how me not having hair means the chemo is working and they say "exactly".

I am struggling with tiredness this week.  I ask that you please pray about that. While Jim & Linda were at lunch a lady named Kayla came into to talk to me about participating in another study.  This study is "Effects of Tibetan Yoga on Fatigue and Sleep in Cancer".  I will find out which group I will participate in -- either the breathing yoga, stretch yoga or in the control group (no yoga).  It is a computer randomized selection -- please pray for either the breathing yoga group or stretch yoga group.
I also still have the "RAD" rash - your prayers are working because it's not as itchy as it was.

Please pray for our family to stay healthy-- there seems to be a lot of bacterial & viral infections going around and so far we have been clear of those and I pray that we stay that way.

I love you all and ask that God continue to bless all of you!!

Love & Blessings from the top of my heart,


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