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January 14, 2010

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 2010 9:06 PM, CST
    I am so blessed to have you all praying for me.  The messages have been enormously uplifting!  I have read every single message.  Thank you!!!!!

    Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the local hospital.  I was there not because I had appointments or had to be there.  Throughout this journey I have met some unbelievable people and I went to visit a few of those people.  Marian, Joyce & Linda (there are pictures of them in the album).  It was nice to visit with each of them -- they have been part of my army of prayer warriors too!!

    Most of you know that before this cancer journey began we were on a journey to move to Perth, Australia.  We were going to be leaving on December 28th, and I was diagnosed with cancer on December 7th.  It's not an accident that this diagnosis happened just 4 weeks before our move.  I am in the best place in the world for cancer treatment.  It may be hard to see the good sometimes in these things that the world may call tragedies but to me it is truly a BLESSING to be here in Houston.

    Today was a big day at my MDA appointment.  Dr. Green came in and met with Jim, Linda & me.  I have stage 3 breast cancer.  I have met criteria to participate in a clinical study at MD Anderson.  I will be receiving the standard of care plus possibly another drug. What this means is that I will be doing chemo as well as possibly taking another drug that is part of the trial.  In order for me to participate in the trial I first need to have an EKG, then another 2 biopsies (I've already had 6 what's a couple more?)   The biopsies will be fine needle biopsies, they aren't too bad really.  

    Being in the study also provides me with extra care -- in addition to my Dr. & nurse I will also have a research nurse that will be caring for me.  

    So I will start chemotherapy on Saturday, January 23rd at 8 am.  I will be going for chemo every week for 12 weeks.  After about the 2nd or 3rd week I will have a port put in so that my poor (awful) veins won't have to constantly be stuck.  

    I also got to participate in my first research study today.  Valerie, one the research nurses came in to talk to me after we talked with Dr. Green.  Valerie is a nurse on a saliva study.  I got to chew on a saliva stimulating "gum" and spit in a cup for 5 minutes.  Yes it was very glamorous!!   There is a dentist who thinks that there may be a way to detect cancer by saliva.  Wouldn't that be amazing?!!!

    Then Julia, another research nurse, came in to talk to me about the clinical study that Dr. Green mentioned to us.  Lots of information to take in -- she will be contacting us tomorrow to see what our decision is.  Please pray for Julia too, she's having surgery next Wednesday.  We also met Deb, the research nurse that will be filling in for Julia while she's recovering from her surgery.  

    After our appointment we met up with Kim and Danny.  Kim was up there getting treatment.  All 5 of us ended up eating lunch together at "Goode Company Seafood".  Good po'boys and great company!!  

    Back over to MDA to attend the New Patient Orientation.  We learned a few things that we didn't know already.   

    Praise God that I do not have stage 4 breast cancer!!  Please pray that I am selected to receive the study drug.  Praise God also for some good news we received from Perth today!  

    I know that this is just a sideroad we're on, on this journey.  With all the support from y'all I can do it!   You really have no idea how much y'all's prayers mean to me.  I feel them everyday.  I have seen so many miracles!!!

    Thank you to Lynn & Danielle for taking my angel kiddos today.  I have many offers of help with the kids and that is a great comfort!!

    God Bless you!!

    I love you!

    Love & Blessings,

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