Saturday, May 29, 2010

FEC #3...

It happened today!!  Linda took me down to MDA.  Jim was able to be with the kids at the swim meet.

Went for my bloodsucking at the lab.  For all you "Twilight" fans, you'd appreciate this, the lab in the main building is called The Cullen Lab.  Juanita did my blood draw, we had a little trouble with my tiny veins but she did it.  I noticed a sign she had hanging up Isaiah 41:10--Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Well I was really anxious about finding out my numbers and I told Juanita, she asked me if I was Christian, I told her yes.  She told me she would be praying for good results and the she said, "Bless you my sister".  Juanita and her sign calmed me down.  Amazing how God brings the right people into your life.

So then Linda and I went to the chemo waiting room.  I got a text from Deana telling me she was done with bloodwork and if we could meet.  She came into the waiting room we were in.  A BIG hug!  It was so nice to see Deana and hold her. She looks so good! Deana and I are within a week of each other as far as our treatments go.  She started with FEC and is now doing Taxol.  And I started with Taxol and am now doing FEC.  We chat via text or on the phone about how we're feeling.  We are our own little Breast Cancer Support Group.  We visited and I was happy Linda and Deana met.  Our visiting took my mind off the waiting for the bloodwork to come back.  I had asked the front desk about it once but they said it hadn't come back.  That's Deana and me in the picture.

Then I heard "Monica Monk".  I was being called back for my vitals (early too).  Guess that meant my numbers were good.  My pulse was 58 -- I was completely calm.  I got back to my room and when the nurse came in I told her I really wanted to know my numbers.  I went from .56 on Thursday to 1.79 today.  Another prayer answered!!

Everything went smooth with my port.  I got my premeds and then my 3 bags of chemo meds.  Christine, my nurse, was very sweet, just a happy person.  Great personality!  

It was a good day up at MDA today.  We got done about 2:30.

Kelli almost didn't swim today because last night she had a fever of 102.4 but woke up this morning feeling fine and fever free, she insisted on swimming today. Thank goodness for text messaging, Linda and I were being kept up to date on what was happening at the swim meet.  The kids had a great meet!  They all took time off their strokes.  Jim took video so I was able to see some of their races.

I will be going back up to MDA tomorrow afternoon for my Neulasta shot to pump up the Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) for my last chemo treatment.  I have one more treatment.  I'm so excited!  

So many prayers have been answered, thank you for your fervent prayers! Please pray that I don't have any side effects from the Neulasta shot.

Please have a great weekend!  God Bless you!  

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


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