Friday, June 4, 2010


Hey there!

Jim and I went down to MDA on Sunday afternoon so I could get my Neulasta shot.  After about an hour wait, I got it.  It stung a little.  Jodi, the nurse was real gentle and kept rubbing my arm as she was injecting the shot (it was done by slow injection).  And that was it -- back home.  I felt pretty good on Sunday just tired, but that's kind of the norm these days.

Now we just were waiting to see if I would have any side effects from the Neulasta injection.  They usually occur 24-48 hours later.  Boy oh boy did they occur.  Twenty-four hours after the shot I started feeling really fatigued and a little achy.  I was thankful it wasn't too bad.  I went to bed early that night to hopefully ward off any more side effects.  I woke up Tuesday morning feeling okay, I had a slight headache and felt well enough to make it to Joey's 3rd grade awards ceremony.  God was really watching out for me because  almost immediately after I got home from the school I started to feel really bad.

My whole body ached like I had the flu and my headache was so severe I could barely lift my head up.  Linda came over and got me situated comfortably on the couch, I wouldn't be moving from there for a while.  She went and got Jakob from school for me too.  I took some meds so I could get rid of the pain and sleep.  I slept from 11-2:30.  My whole body was writhing in pain.  I just didn't know if I could do this anymore.  We knew it was temporary and Linda was encouraging by telling me "you can do this, make it through another 24 hours and you'll feel better".  Remember this shot was too boost my white cell count, so the bone marrow was working overtime therefore causing the pain.  I should feel better soon.

I literally laid on the couch all day.  Finally at 8:45pm Jim said I should just go to bed.  I did.  I woke up a couple of times in the night to take some pain meds.  At one point I had asked Jim if he thought it was too soon for me to take some ibuprofen after taking something stronger 4 hours before and he said, "babe, trust me with all the poisons injected into your body from the chemo, the ibuprofen isn't going to hurt you".

I was so worried I was going to miss Kelli's 5th grade awards ceremony on Wednesday morning.  She was so sweet, she saw how awful I felt on Tuesday and she told me it would be okay if I wasn't there for the awards.  I couldn't miss them, this was her last day of elementary school.

Thankfully on Wednesday morning I woke up looking and feeling alive again.  My white count must be up.  So far I have felt the best on this round of FEC chemo than on any other.  Guess the Neulasta really works.  I only had a headache and it was nothing compared to the day and night before.  By the Grace of God I was able to go watch my baby girl graduate from elementary school.

Summer has began for us.  The kids still have to get up early for swim practice but life is much more relaxed.  In fact the kids are bored.  I told them this summer was going to be very low key.  I feel bad about that but I just don't want to overdo it, we are almost at the end of the chemo.  In fact the countdown is 13 days until my last chemo!!!!

I went down to MDA yesterday just for a followup visit.  Everything was good.  I also had to return a 60 something page survery/questionnaire and this watch I was wearing for a sleep study I'm participating in.

I have some more specific prayer requests.  Please pray for the following:

1.  For my kids to enjoy their time at home
2.  For me to have energy
3.  For the next 13 days to zoom by (I don't want to hurry life away I just want to be done with chemo)
4.  For me to be a light that shines for the Glory of God
5.  For the tears to stop
6.  For my nutrition (I have lost my appetite and am being put on Ensure as a supplement)
7.  For my caregivers (they have been so awesome and patient)

Thank you for continuing to read my posts and thank you for your continued prayers.  I couldn't get through this without you.

Love & Blessings from the top of my heart,


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  1. Lifting you up in prayer sweet lady! You nearly have this whooped!