Thursday, June 10, 2010


I turned 39 yesterday.  I'm very happy to be 39 -- it's a milestone to overcoming this cancer disease.

I have always been really big into birthdays, in fact the big joke is that it's not just my birthday but my birthmonth, because I celebrate all month.  I wasn't as eager to celebrate this birthday as others in the past, don't get me wrong I felt blessed to have a birthday but I didn't have a countdown to my birthday like I usually do.  My countdown has been the countdown to my last chemo, which happens to be only 7 days away now!!!

As it turned out my family and friends celebrated my life with me yesterday and that made it an extra special birthday!  I had no plans to do anything on this year's birthday I was just happy to be blessed to have another birthday.  But by the Grace of God He has brought so many special people into my life to make things better!!

I felt really good yesterday, I had a great energy level, my emotionalness was under control.  I had no excuses to not go out and celebrate my birthday.  I went to lunch with the kids and some great friends.  I was spoiled with flowers, cards and gifts.  I received many phone calls, emails, facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday.  I even ended going out to dinner with a great group of girls and then a movie afterwards.  I really enjoyed myself.  And then I came home to a loving family who showered me with love and presents.

Cancer has taught me to value each day that I am given as a Blessing!!  I pray that I am glorifying God through this journey!!  Life does have it's ups and downs but Jesus does carry you through -- you just have to let go.

I look forward to celebrating many more years of my life with you.  Thank you Lord for the Gift of Life!!

May God Bless your day!!

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


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