Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday morning...

Well it's Monday morning.  I will say that this week has begun much better than last week.

Our weekend was nice but we received some sad news, my uncle, Papa's brother passed away Sunday morning.  Please be praying for my aunt and cousins, and the rest of the family.  Praise the Lord he's not suffering anymore.

I have 3 more days till my next treatment.  Papa is going to go with me.  He'll get to see the amazing place that is getting rid of my cancer.  I have missed going every week.  I'm hoping this next round won't drain me as much as the first FEC round did.

Oh yeah, my hair has started falling out again, it was slowly starting to grow.  Guess it means the FEC chemo is doing it's job.

The kids are doing great!  They have started practicing for swim team and have their first meet this coming up weekend.  They are excited about having only 21 more days of school left too!

Jim enjoyed his weekend, he got to do some golfing and working on Jakob's truck.  The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful!!

I feel your prayers -- thank you!  Last week you lifted me up when I was feeling so low.  I really felt those prayers!  I give thanks for you!

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


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