Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bump In The Bumpy Road...

Hey there!

Well I had a bump in the road today as Dr. Green called it.  My numbers were too low for me to get my chemo treatment.  

Danielle took me today.  I had bloodwork done and then I met with Julia (research nurse), who informed us that my numbers were too low.  I'm very bummed about it.  I was ready for my treatment today.  Ready to get on with it and get FEC treatment number 3 out of the way.  Then we met with Dr. Green.  It was decided that we do my chemo treatment on Saturday, which should give me enough time to get my numbers back up in the normal range.  Then I'll go back to MDA on Sunday, 24 hours later for a Neulasta shot, so that for treatment number 4 there won't be an issue with my numbers.

So let me try and explain to you a little bit about the numbers/counts.  There are several counts that are looked at, white blood cell count and red blood cell  count are the obvious ones but there are so many more.  My white count is low.  The other count that is the one that held of today's treatment is called the Neutrophil Absolute Count (ANC), it has to do with the white blood cell count.  My count was 0.56 today and normal range is 1.00-4.80.  After chemo the ANC is usually depressed and then slowly rises, reflecting the fact that the bone marrow is recovering and new blood cells are beginning to grow and mature.

The "teenage" cells are maturing so therefore Julia and Dr. Green think my ANC will be okay for me to receive treatment on Saturday.

I was very disappointed when I received the news.  It could have been prevented by me receiving a Neulasta shot 24 hours after my last treatment.  But Dr. Green is very conservative when it comes to giving meds and she felt that I didn't need the shot because I was within the normal range, my number was 1.22.  This too is part of God's plan.  I don't know why this is part of the plan but I must trust Him.  I trust the Dr. He has given me to care for me.

So I come to you now for some specific prayer requests.

1.  Please pray my Neutrophil Absolute Count (ANC) comes back up into the normal range for Saturday so I can receive my treatment. 
2.  Please pray for my medical team.
3.  Please pray for my kids as Jim and I will be missing their swim meet this Saturday due to the fact that we'll be at the hospital.
4.  Please pray for me to get over this "bump in the road" emotionally.
5.  Please pray that I don't have any side effects from the Neulasta shot (it may cause bone pain).

Thank you so much for reading my updates and especially for praying for me and my family.  I couldn't do this without you.

God Bless You!  Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!  Remember to pray for our troops!

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


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