Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayers for Tomorrow

Good Evening.

I'll be leaving home early in the morning -- my first appointment at MDA is at 7.  I have a chest x-ray first, then bloodsucking, an appointment with Dr. Green at 11:30 am and then chemo at 3 pm.

Please pray that all my blood counts are good so I can have my 7th treatment tomorrow.  I went on my 3 mile walk again today.  I'm so thankful that I still feel so well.  It's amazing how God is taking care of me on this journey.  I mean I'm not surprised by it but in awe!!  In awe of His mighty love!!!

Once again thank you for your prayers and for all the encouraging messages you keep sending my way.

I still haven't heard from those Yoga girls, I'm thinking I won't be doing Yoga tomorrow.

Jakob had a great first day back at public school, TAKS test and all. And Joey is feeling better (he's been sick since Saturday) -- he'll be back at school tomorrow.

Love you very much my Army of Warriors!!

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


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  1. It was such a joy servicing u @ AT&T a few days ago !! Ur beautiful spirit and the unmerited favor that he's bestowed upon u shines through ur like a never ending sunrise... I'm glad 2 know all is well I will definitely keep u lifted up Moni. I'm so happy that we've crossed paths n that I've had the opportunity to be graced by ur prescence. U R TRULY an INSPIRATION !! U r the living truth to Matthew 19:26 !!

    Sweet song by the way check this one out -

    I send out a prayer that this song touches ur heart. His love is unending and his grace is AMAZING 4ever and ever !! AMEN !!