Saturday, December 7, 2013

4th Survivorversary!!!!

Howdy/Ni Hao!!!

It's been 4 years today since I became a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Hugely blessed to be sitting at this computer to update you!  

Almost a year ago we found out that we would be moving somewhere with Jim's career.  Where?  We had no idea.  And now we know that it was in God's plan to bring us to Chengdu, China.  

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instagram today :)
Four years ago when I received my cancer diagnosis we were 3 weeks away from moving to Perth, Australia.  Australia!  How amazing that would have been.  God had other plans.  

God's plans were to take me on a journey that was so rewarding.  Not just me - my husband, children, parents, siblings, cousins, friends.  He knew what I would be up against.  God was faithful the whole way through - He never left my side.  He used me time and time again as an instrument for His Glory.  

Not my choice.  But I am oh so thankful God chose me to be His and that He continues to wrap His loving and faithful arms around me.  

So God brought us to China.  There are many days that I ask Him why?  God promised He will always answer my prayer - it's just not always the answer I want ;)

We have been living in Chengdu for 5.5 months now.  I'm sure if we had we moved to Australia we would have already had some visitors from home.  Yes - that's a hint!!  Please come visit us.  

I'm living in China.  In China!  Four years ago I would not have thought I'd ever be able to do this. 

Jim, Jakob, Kelli, and Joey are doing well.  They are enjoying living here - of course missing our loved ones.  That will make our time home over the summers even more memorable.

I'm doing well too.  Dr. Skoracki was able to get me connected with a Doctor here in Chengdu.  Dr. Yang is a Breast Surgeon.  I have had my 6 month check-up with her and everything looks great.  Bloodwork, ultrasound - everything is healthy in my body.  She has become a friend of mine too.  See what I mean - God continues to watch over my continual healing.  

I will be going back to MD Anderson in June for my next 6 month check-up.  I'll be very excited to see my MDA family too!

You know - four years seems so long ago now.  It's been almost 2 years since I finished all my treatments and surgeries.  Blessed...yes blessed that's me!!

I'm filled with such emotion right now - you have no idea how Joyfilled I am!!  Actually - yes some of you know exactly how I feel.  

I thank you all for being on this journey with me.  Most of all thank you for your continual thoughts and prayers.

Today on my 4th Survivorversary in Chengdu, China
Please be careful this holiday season.  I wish you a Merry & Joyous Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!  

Love and Blessings from the top of my heart,


P.S.  Book your trip to come and see us!!!

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