Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pathology results...

Good day!!!

I received a call from Dr. Slaughter yesterday evening with the pathology results from last week's surgery.

The pathology report showed my ovaries and fallopian tubes as normal and no cancer.  Praise Jesus!!

We weren't expecting to find any cancer, as this was a surgery to prevent me from getting ovarian cancer.  But I think this is an amazing Miracle and wanted to share the Awesome news with you!!!

We are being cared for by our friends and family.  Meals have been brought in for us, laundry is getting done, Jakob, Kelli and Joey are getting rides to and from school, and Jim and the kids are taking on the cleaning.

Taking it easy is a hard thing to do when you feel so great!!  I was called by Lena, one of my discharge nurses on Monday to make sure I was resting.  It's hard but I am!!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!!!

The Great Physician is clearly evident in this journey!

Have a Joyful day!!!

Love and Blessings from the Top of my Heart,


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