Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From seroma to hematoma...

Unless I have run into you at HEB (our local grocery store) - you probably haven't heard about my Dr.'s appointment yesterday.

So the "bump"/"lump"/"boob" on my back was not a seroma it was a hematoma.  

I did not have a fine needle aspiration.  I got an early Christmas present...a drain!!!!  That's what I told Dr. Skoracki and he told me that he really thought that it would come out before Christmas.  

Gordon (PA) and Dr. Skoracki couldn't believe how big the "bump" was yesterday.  Gordon couldn't believe how much it had grown since last Thursday.  

It was decided the "bump" was big enough that it would require a drain.  

First some numbing, then in goes the drain and out comes about a 1/4 cup of blood.  My blood is maroon (Jim went to Texas A&M - that's their color).  I bleed maroon!  Dr. Skoracki said my blood was blue - like royalty, lol!!

Jim came down from work via train to drive me back home!  It's so nice that his office is close to MD Anderson.

Dr. Skoracki is going on vacation next Tuesday but he gave me his email address so I could let him know when the blood starts draining a straw color.

Last night Jim emptied 10 cc's out of the drain and this morning it was also 10 cc's and still maroon in color.

I'm so happy it was nothing serious!  I just have to take it easy for a few days - no heavy lifting, vacuuming, sweeping - you know the stuff that I did last week to celebrate my 2nd Survivorversary?!?!!!  

Very glad we didn't wait till after Christmas to have the "bump" drained - I do wonder how big it would have gotten?

Thank you for your prayers!!!  One more miracle on this journey!!!

Love and Blessings From the Top of My Heart,


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  1. I am so glad that it is nothing serious. Now take it easy!!!!!!