Tuesday, September 7, 2010

one third...


Hope y'all had a nice Labor Day Weekend.  We sure did!!  Nice and relaxing - for the most part.

I met with Dr. Perkins this morning.  I'm right on track with the shade of pink I should be at this point and the rash that I am developing.  He gave me some creams that I need to apply twice a day to relieve burning and itchiness.  I love him - he is such a wonderfully, caring and kind man.

Off to radiation.  On time today -- which most times they are.  Jennifer wasn't there today as she was having her baby today.  Terrence was there, nice guy!!  And so was Dustin, who's real name is Neil.  I got his name wrong in the last blog.  Neil also wanted me to describe him as a tall, muscular man.  I have some really great Radiation Therapists. 

Today was treatment number 11 which means I'm 1/3 of the way through!!  Only 22 more to go!!

Last Friday was a blessed day, my friend Stephanie graduated from her radiation treatments.  It was such an honor to be part of her bell ringing ceremony!!

During Physical Therapy I'm now learning how to bandage my arm to reduce swelling.  The bandages are Comprilan compression bandages -- they look just like Ace bandages but aren't stretchy like them.  

I forgot to tell y'all during my last post that have made great progress at my arm stretching exercises.  I can now stretch to 168 degrees on one stretch and 173 degrees on another stretch -- 180 degrees is where I should be.  So I'm almost there!!  I remember writing that I could only stretch to 105 degrees.  My Physical Therapists, Renee and Ron have taught me so much about Lymphedema prevention.

I will be getting fitted for a compression sleeve soon.  This Thursday is also my reevaluation as to whether or not I need to continue Physical Therapy.

The drive home from MD Anderson today was an interesting one.  Well a really slow one -- we are getting rain bands (heavy rain) from Tropical Storm Hermine.  Thankfully people were being very cautious.

Tomorrow I get to be part of the Great Day Houston audience.  After the show all the Komen audience members will be recording a plug for the Susan G. Komen Race that will air at a later date closer to the race.  Over 100 people RSVP'd but only 25 were chosen.  I'm excited!!!

Speaking of the race -- one of my friend's asked that I include the website to my/our team in the blog.  I would love for you all to join our team but I know that's not possible.  Please consider making a small donation.  The money goes towards Breast Cancer research, which I feel very passionate about since I took part in a research study and was given a research drug along with my chemotherapy.  

Here is the link http://rfch.convio.net/goto/monimonk . Thank you for your consideration in helping out.  And to those of you that have joined our team -YAY!!  Or made a donation - THANK YOU!!

What to pray for??  Please pray for all the therapists, nurses, doctors and other staff that are caring for me.  Please pray for minimal radiation side effects.  Please pray for a cure!!

I love you!!

Love and Blessings from the Top of my Heart,



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