Friday, July 23, 2010

The Results are in...

Hi there!

Got a call this afternoon at 3:43 from Lynn Grimes at Dr. Hunt's (Surgeon) office.

Here is the report with my results:
-no evidence of residual cancer tumor in the left breast
-no cancer in the 30-31 lymph nodes removed
-evidence of treatment to the one lymph node that I had the biopsy on, no cancer

Lynn said this is what they call "complete response to chemo".  I thanked her for the awesome news and told her now I could have a good weekend.  She said that it was the best kind of report.

I was nervous originally when the phone rang and I picked it up.  Lynn had said she had the results and asked if I was ready for them.  I went and got a pen and paper.  When she said it was a good report I stopped holding my breath.

They call it a complete response to chemo -- I call it healing by the Great Physician.  He brought those amazing MD Anderson Doctors, Nurses, Nurses' Aides, Techs, Phlebotomists, everyone there into my life.

Danielle and I met with Dr. Skoracki (Plastic Surgeon) yesterday.  He removed the drain that was draining the breast.  He also said that I was healing nicely and that my dressings no longer need to be changed, only the one over the lymphatic drain.  I should be getting that lymphatic drain out early next week.

I'm not in much pain anymore, I take the minimum amount of pain meds.  I do the exercises that the Dr.'s have told me to do.

So the next step is Radiation.  I don't know exactly when I'll be starting it but I have a meeting with Dr. Perkins (Radiation Oncologist) on August 2nd as well as with Dr. Green (Oncologist).  I will let you know the plans as I find out myself.

Wanted to also invite you to join my team the Ladybug Warriors, for the Houston Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on October 2.  You can walk or run.  If you can't join the team please consider donating to this worthy cause of finding a cure for Breast Cancer.  Here is the link

Thank you for your prayers!  Please join me in praising our Awesome God!

Love you all!!

Love and Blessings from the Top of my Heart,
Moni, Breast Cancer Survivor

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